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Nagi Gompa Nunnery

We want to have more nuns become good scholar-practitioners. So for that reason, now is the time to put effort into Nagi Gompa, a very remote, quiet and nice place. These are our deep wishes.

—Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

We are thrilled to announce that in August 2023 the Pema Chodron Foundation awarded Shedrub Development Fund (SDF) a $300,000 grant toward the construction of a 3 year retreat facility for the nuns at Nagi Gompa. It is extremely exciting news since as in the past, 2/3 of the nuns had completed 3 year retreats, but that possibility essentially disappeared when the retreat facility was destroyed by the earthquake in 2015.

$200,000 of the $300,000 is a challenge grant, which means it is only awarded if SDF raises that amount of money on its own. Please consider joining us in rebuilding the retreat facility by making a donation. Donations of any amount will greatly help us meet our goal. As you join us by donating, the number below will increase.


$81,856 of $200,000 raised

Help meet the $200,000 challenge grant from the Pema Chodron Foundation to rebuild the three year retreat facility for the nuns at Nagi Gompa!

Nagi Gompa, nestled high in the Himalayan foothills above the Kathmandu Valley, is home to over 300 nuns from all over the region, who devote their lives to study, practice, and meditation.

Previously, every nun at Nagi Gompa could request to do a three-year retreat, a historically rarer opportunity when compared to their male counterparts.

Nuns playing ritual instruments during a pūjā

Three-year retreats are a centuries-old practice in which Tibetan Buddhists fully isolate themselves in order to pursue one-pointedly the realization of the Buddha’s teachings. At Nagi Gompa, an unusually large number of nuns (fully two thirds of them) have completed the traditional three-year retreat, some more than once, and hold the title of “Retreat Lama.” They emerge from this practice with extraordinary qualities of insight and compassion and are able to benefit others through teaching, serving, and offering counsel on the spiritual path. In this way, they are beacons of wisdom and compassion for the world.

The old three-year retreat facilities

That all changed in April 2015 when a devastating earthquake struck Nepal, leaving the three-year retreat facility and many other buildings at Nagi Gompa uninhabitable. A retreat that was planned for the coming spring had to be cancelled until the retreat center could be rebuilt. A new three-year retreat facility was designed, but put on hold pending funding. Now, with the Pema Chodron grant, and your help, a new group of nuns will be able to enter into a three-year retreat and receive the benefits on the Buddha’s teaching.

Wall paintings from the shrine hall in the old retreat facilities, damaged during the earthquakes

Joining together to support the completion of this essential project creates an inexhaustible, ever-increasing wealth of merit which can be dedicated to the benefit of all beings.

We hope that you will join us in making this virtuous project a reality.

Help rebuild the three-year retreat facility for the nuns of Nagi Gompa Nunnery!

Nagi Gompa Nunnery

$81,856 of $200,000 raised

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